Engineered for Protection

In order to help protect the occupants in the event of a collision, Prius v features several structural safety measures. The frame of the car is built using high-grade tensile steel, engineered to deflect crash energy away from you and your passengers.

Uncompromised performance Prius v iTech Prius v i-Tech® model shown

Extraordinary Strength

The frame of the Prius v incorporates high-grade tensile steel of various strength ratings (up to 1470 MPa), in order to maximise the weight-to-strength ratio. The frame has been shaped to resist buckling and to help ensure that occupants are kept safe should a collision occur. The frame is also engineered to assist in diverting and deflecting crash energy away from you and your passengers.

Front and Rear Collision Safety

Crumple zones have been built into the front and rear of the car, designed to absorb force in a crash. Any remaining shock is channelled through the frame, around and away from the occupants of the vehicle.

Cabin Safety

Thick, impact-absorbing pads are fitted in both driver and front passenger foot wells; in the event of a sudden frontal impact the pads are designed to compress, absorbing some of the force and helping prevent serious injury to your ankles and lower legs.

Toyota T Cell Crumple Zones

Safety is a top priority with all of our cars and Prius v is no exception.

Built to provide optimum protection in the event of an accident, Prius v is constructed around our energy absorbent central Safe T Cell design.

The body structure has been constructed from high tensile steel sheets carefully positioned to ensure the integrity of the cabin area in a collision, helping to provide a protective shield around driver and passengers and deflect the force of impact away from them.

Crumple zones are an important part of the protective shield around driver and passengers. Crumple zones are structurally engineered to absorb and dissipate energy in the event of a collision by a process known as controlled deformation, which helps to absorb crash energy and minimise the effect of any impact.

Pedestrian Safety

In the unfortunate event of the vehicle striking a pedestrian, Prius v's bonnet is designed to absorb impact, resulting in a lower chance of injury. In addition, the front bumper is designed to help prevent pedestrians getting dragged beneath the car.